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There are many ways to support CSLNOCO!

The Center for Spiritual Living, Northern Colorado is totally self-sustaining, self-supporting and completely dependent financially on the contributions made by in person and online congregation. When we share our gifts and resources, we are participating in the Law of Circulation. By consciously circulating our good, we step into the natural law of cause and effect or giving and receiving. As metaphysicians we know what we think about we bring about and by consciously affirming that we have more than enough and giving with love, we are proving and strengthening that belief. Our beliefs create our lives. The Universe responds to our beliefs by giving us more of what we affirm.

If you have been spiritually fed by this site, our services, or our programs, consider giving a thank you gift in any dollar amount and strengthening your belief in abundance, prosperity and love. Your consciousness will grow, our consciousness will grow and we will be able to continue to serve the enlightenment of our global community.


 I release old limiting beliefs about money that don’t serve me anymore and replace them with new beliefs that are better for me now!​


 I have the ability to create any manifestation of money, health, and happiness I desire simply by changing my thoughts. 


​ I banish limiting beliefs about money and abundance that no longer serve me, in order to attract what I want in every aspect of my life.​​


 I am grateful for all things in my life, including money, health, and relationships.


 Everything in my life that’s going well is working for me, and by using new beliefs about the flow of “good things” into my life, more of these good things will start to happen! 


 I am a magnet for more money, more health and even MORE abundance. I am a magnet for whatever I desire!

ways you can donate:


Give in person on Sunday's

by cash or check.


Give online using a credit card 

by completing the form here.


Send your check by mail to

1281 E. Magnolia St., Unit D-263, Fort Collins, CO. 80524


(970) 614-4226

Shop to give

CSL NOCO participates in the following Shop to Give (aka Community Rewards) Programs. These programs makes giving to CSLNOCO easy by donating based on the shopping you do every day. Choose the program(s) and follow the links to find out how to sign up and then.... Start Shopping!!

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