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Practioner support

The word practioner may be new to you...

...and it simply means that these designated people are high-level practicers of the Science of Mind principles.

Spiritual Practitioners are prayer partners who provide loving and prayerful support to assist you in solving problems and experiencing greater good in your life. They work to help you understand your challenge and its cause, and then, through the use of spiritual principles, meditation, visioning, and affirmative prayer, spiritual laws are set in motion to resolve your issue and help make positive changes in your life.


Having participated in extensive training to develop themselves into being Consciousness On Demand, practitioners are licensed to practice professionally by Centers for Spiritual Living and skilled in using Science of Mind principles and especially Affirmative Prayer. This requires a minimum of three years of class work and practice having actively demonstrated their understanding of New Thought principles. They must pass a written paneled exam before licensed ministers and Practitioners.

interested in becoming a csl practitioner?

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Meet The practioners

One-on-one Practitioner Sessions are available by appointment. Practitioner sessions are a paid professional service but should not be considered psychological counseling or psychotherapy.​ Practitioner sessions are private and confidential. What is shared in a session is never discussed with anyone except where the Practitioner is required by law.

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