Amber Davidson, RScP


Amber is a lifelong learner and delving deeply into the New Thought philosophy encouraged her to eventually choose the “Prac Track” and the even deeper learning there. She has always been a questioner. She is proud that she was asked not to return to Christian Sunday school because she asked too many questions and was not satisfied by the answers, and she loves that Ernest Holmes and SOM encourages people to question and experiment.

She remains heart-centered in her intellectual life and is passionate about helping people surmount limiting beliefs to embrace their greatest desires. She loves companioning personal growth and believes that the whole world gets better each time one person recognizes their completeness.

Amber is an opera singer and an R&B backup singer, she conducted a choir for over twenty years, and she has owned a costume store, a voice studio, and the largest Christmas caroling company in California. She’s on a journey that brought her to Colorado in 2016 and she is excited to serve CSL NoCo and see what’s next.