Rev. Lea Alvarado

Senior Minister

Rev. Lea believes in the power of love to help heal and transform humanity. She is passionate about teaching spiritual principles that inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.


Brooke Minkel, RScP


Brooke Minkel became a Licensed Practitioner in 2013. She is currently serving the NTNC community by offering individual and family Practitioner sessions for adults and children, as well as teaching in the Sunday School Program.


Jalein Arnold, RScP


Jalein Arnold followed New Thought teaching for more than thirty years, in both Unity and Science of Mind. She became a Practitioner in 2015 and served on the Core Council and as Visioning Chair for several years.


Kristine Roth, RScP


Kristine Roth has been a member of this spiritual community since 2008 and has been a Religious Science Practitioner since 2013.


Lani Hickman, RScP


Lani Hickman is a life-long student of New Thought. She was raised in Unity and has been active in New Thought churches throughout her life. Lani is passionate about sharing principles of creative living to support a world that works for everyone.


Erica Ellis

Office Administrator

Erica began attending Whole Life Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Collins in 2012. Here, she and her children found an accepting, and loving community.


Amber Davidson, RScP


Amber grew up in New Thought attending the Rev Peggy Bassett’s church in Southern California. She now laughs at herself and all the Science of Mind classes she audited knowing that she would never need credit for the course unless she was going to become a practitioner and she was never planning on doing that…


Debra J. Dawkins, RScP


Debra J., a Fort Collins, CO, native, started on the spiritual path of Religious Science 12 years ago. She began taking Science of Mind core classes at Whole Life Church in Fort Collins six years ago and completed her Practitioner training at New Thought No Co in July 2017.


Jimmy Eads

Music Director

Jimmy Eads is currently a student at University of Northern Colorado, Jazz Studies. He was discovered to be a music savant as a child, and he brings enthusiasm and lots of talent to the NTNC music team. His enjoyment of the music that he is performing is obvious.



Core Council is the name that we have given our Board of Trustees. They are responsible for overseeing the financial health and wellbeing of the Center. These are elected two-year positions. 


I am Chuck Bloser, Board member, and Treasurer of NTNC.  I have been a member of this spiritual community dating well back to the CSL – Greeley days.  I have also been a resident of Northern Colorado since 1989.

I enjoy serving on the NTNC church board, and have served on a few other church boards in my past.  I have strong organizational, financial, and technical skills well suited for board membership.  In terms of church finance, generally, I can adeptly drill down to the issues in question, and then recommend a prudent course of action.  I also have a solid business mind, and am well equipped to handle any issues of church business that arise.

Currently, I live alone in Windsor with my dog, Leila, while my wife Nancy resides in an assisted living facility in Fort Collins.

Chuck Bloser


Brian Dauenhauer

Brian has been a member of the New Thought Northern Colorado Centers for Spiritual Living community since moving to Greeley in 2013. His wife, Elena, and two boys, Evan and Jacob love attending services on Sunday mornings and engaging in service projects, such as the Recess Equipment and Food Bank Drives. Brian is an Associate Professor in the School of Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Northern Colorado and serves as Director of the UNC Active Schools Institute. He loves playing golf, fishing, and doing anything outdoors with his family. Brian believes in a world that works for everyone and is serving on the board to ensure that his young boys continue to have an amazing community of positive thinkers that do good things in the world.   


Ann Cope

Ann was initially introduced to Science of Mind over 20 years ago, while living in Seattle.  There she became a member of CSL in Seattle, where she took classes, and served as an usher, and ran the sound board for Wednesday night services. She has been a member of the NTNC community for 3 years.  

As a “mediator” personality type, Ann has an ability to bring people together toward common goals.  She has utilized this skill in helping our current CORE council to understand and appreciate challenges and strengths, to work more smoothly and efficiently together as a team.  Ann has the capacity to see the big picture in most matters; and brings those insights, creativity, and humor to the community. She has a quiet, gentle, but strong personality.

Vocationally, Ann is currently a licensed psychotherapist, combining psychology and spirituality to help folks to find peace for themselves. She is married to Connie, and has a daughter who attends college at CSU.  The family lives in Loveland, with their dog and 2 cats.


Marie was introduced to Religious Science in 1999 at New Vision Spiritual Growth Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.  She served on the Board for two years as Secretary and President.  She moved to Albuquerque in 2004 and joined High Desert Church of Religious Science where she founded and led a Visioning group for the community.  In 2007 she moved to Colorado Springs and joined the Center for Spiritual Living Colorado Springs where she served on the Core Council for 2 years as Secretary and Treasurer.  She moved to Loveland in 2019 and joined NTNC CSL.

Marie Haller

matt minkel photo bio.jpg

Matt Minkel

Matt has been a member of the NTNC community for the past the 11 years.  Matt has been on the Board of NTNC for the past year, and has a passion for service.  He serves on the board to represent the families with kids at NTNC, and wants to help see this spiritual community grow and prosper in Northern Colorado and beyond.  NTNC has provided years of support, love, and acceptance for his family.  The spiritual teachings of Science of Mind have helped Matt become a more caring and well-rounded person, and has helped him navigate life with a strong and compassionate frequency.  Matt enjoys seeing the kids of our community learn the truth about who they are as divine beings, and how their thoughts and intentions can manifest into being.   Matt enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and spending time with his 2 daughters and his wife Brooke.



Doug Rogers

Growing up in the flat lands of Northern Illinois gave me an appreciation of wide-open spaces and big sky.  During my tour in the U.S. Navy, I treasured the vast open spaces and endless sky as I travelled the Pacific Ocean.  In the 70’s I chose to make California my home, always residing close to the ocean!  My spiritual awakening began as I joined my first church family at the Church of Religious Science in Huntington Beach.  Later, I attended the dynamic Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. In 2009, I moved to Northern Colorado and soon realized I’d found a home for my soul, as John Denver wrote: “He came home to a place he’d never been before.”  Professionally, I’m blessed to be in service to others in my role as a Realtor - helping folks achieve joy and peace though the sanctity of home ownership.  I look forward to a new day when our church community may gather together again,  lovingly greeting each other with a heart-felt hug!