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Make CSL Northern Colorado Your Spiritual Home

There is no requirement to become a member of CSL NOCO. When determining that this is a religious community with which you want to be identified and which you want to support, membership may be the next step. All religious backgrounds, sexual orientations, economic status, and race are invited to be a part of the community.

Becoming a member is a heartfelt commitment to be an active part of the Center for Spiritual Living Northern Colorado community. As a member, we encourage you to participate regularly in our Sunday services, classes and social gatherings, and to grow spiritually by applying the following Spiritual Practices: prayer, meditation, sacred service, gracious giving, and spiritual study.

Who are our members?
Members are usually more involved and committed to our teachings and spiritual practices than nonmembers. Many are leaders, teachers, committed givers and volunteers at the Center and/or in the larger community. A person who chooses to belong to CSL NOCO has a stake in what it does, in its well-being, and in how well it lives its Values and carries out its Vision and Mission. A member is a part of this and is active and identifiable. A member is connected by choice to the community.

Being a member does not require that you subscribe to a particular theological doctrine, nor that you denounce other religious institutions with which you might have associations. However, it does indicate that this is a religious community with which you want to be identified and which you want to support.

Benefits of Being A Member

Being a member means not only that you are entitled to participate in the congregation’s governance and decision-making, it also means that you have certain privileges relating to access to the minister’s time. The most significant change when a person becomes a member is the change in how that person feels about the congregation. The community is no longer “them,” but “us,” no longer “theirs,” but “ours.” It is a powerful and wonderful internal shift that calls us to deeper connection and service.


As a member of CSL Northern Colorado, there are three main benefits:



  • You get to be a part of a group of likeminded people for spiritual friendship, learning, and shared experiences.

  • You have an ability to be a part of our private CSL Northern Colorado member-only Facebook Group where you can share uplifting news, read meaningful reflections, participate in thoughtful online discussions, and provide encouragement and support to the community.

  • You receive 10% off certificated classes and an invitation to participate in member-only events.


Spiritual Support

  • You receive an invitation to participate in our monthly prayer calls from our Caring Connections team.

  • You receive a free 6-month subscription to Science of Mind magazine.

  • You are invited to meet 1:1 with our Senior Minister, Rev. Lea Alvarado for a spiritual guidance session.


Ownership of your Spiritual Home

  • You are an owner of your spiritual home. As such, you support it by sharing your time, talent, and treasure.

  • You are invited to the annual business meeting and can vote on important business matters.

  • You are invited to participate in Grati-zooms (quarterly financial update meetings on Zoom).

  • You have the opportunity to offer direct feedback through annual member feedback evaluations. 

Becoming a member of CSL NOCO is a declaration of intention to participate actively and be a model of our spiritual community.

A member agrees to make the following commitments to be:


  1. Loyal: A commitment to your spiritual journey, which involves continually learning and applying Science of Mind principles in daily life. In addition, remaining loyal to the Center, its leadership, and congregation, through your words and deeds; choosing to resolve any conflict or concern in a loving and respectable manner.

  2. Active: Deepening your level of participation within the spiritual community from that of “observer” to “owner” through volunteering time and skill; attending events, classes, workshops, and other activities, as appropriate to your life.

  3. Supporting: Supporting the Center’s vision through your actions, attitudes, and prayers. Also agreeing to give financially, recognizing the divine flow of abundance in your life.

  4. Proud: We are not a proselytizing faith, but we do believe we have something of value to offer and want others to know about us. When this community offers something of real value, we hope and trust that this good news is something you’ll want to share. A great way to do this is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share the posts.


Note: To become a member, the CSL NOCO 101 class is required.


CSL NOCO 101 is a one-session introduction to CSL NOCO with other newer folks, and current CSL NOCO members, facilitated by Rev. Lea Alvarado. These classes are 2 hours each and take place four times per year on Sunday afternoons from 2-4pm.

Expect meaningful and fun connection and conversation as well as a beginning orientation to the Center and our core teachings. In this interactive session there will also be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Those who choose to join the Center as a member will be invited to attend a special New Member Sunday where they’ll be honored by the whole congregation in a special membership welcoming ceremony.

If you’re considering membership, sign up for our next class using the button on this page or email for more information.

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